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Kiamya (10.6K monthly listeners, Spotify) is a Spanish-English bilingual singer, songwriter, and rapper who draws her musical style from numerous genres - carving her own path through R&B, Soul, Hip Hop, Punk and Latin music.

Known as the “queen of the underground” in Valencia, Spain, she curates an enchantingly mysterious aesthetic and holds an incredibly dedicated fanbase. Her top releases include “Gracias a la vida”, “Insha’allah” and “Palpito”.

Working in collaboration with fellow Valencian-native: H.Rayiz. Her most recent releases include: "Cuarta Pared" , "Océanos" and "Desierto"

“Desierto” is the first song the duo created together and the last release in a trilogy of singles. In a recent interview, Kiamya described what Desierto means to her: “It’s a song that describes hiding from pain as a means to survive, and echoes how we only recognize our connection with reality because of the existence of our insanity.”

Watch the new music video for Desierto here!

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