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Global. Forward-thinking.

Disrupción is a full-service record label run by graduate students at the Berklee College of Music at their satellite campus in Valencia, Spain. With a dynamic and diverse team from all over the world, we come together every year with one thing in common — a shared love of music and a passion for championing great artists. 


Although we're based out of Valencia, Spain, our team has included people from Lebanon, China, The Netherlands, Colombia, South Africa, India, Canada, The Czech Republic, The U.S., and more. Our global perspective helps us to facilitate cross-cultural connections, connect artists with new audiences, and provide specialized, flexible services to artists at any stage of their career. 

Artists First. 

We pride ourselves on being a specialized career accelerator for our artists. Not only are our deals extraordinarily artist-friendly, we also provide a team of 17+ people with a diverse range of skills and backgrounds to help our artists with marketing, audience development, distribution, sync, publishing, and more. 

Why our deals rock:

  • Artists maintain full ownership over their music.

  • Short-term licensing agreements.

  • Distribution with The Orchard.

  • No exclusivity — artists can record anything tomorrow.

  • International marketing team at our artists' disposal.

  • Access to a huge global network of industry professionals.


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